Sweetheart Gala 2018!

      Annual Bellydance Festival


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Schedule Of Events

Friday  2/23/2017

11:30-1:30pm- Lacey Sanchez- The Elegant Octopus

1:45-3:45pm-Tarifa Salem- Zaar Dance "Gentle"

4:00pm-6:00pm- Ranya Renee- TBA

8:00pm-10:00- Hafla with performances

Saturday 2/24/2017

9:00-Noon- Ahmed Hussien- Muwashah

12:15-1:15pm-Ranya Renee-Power Point TBA

1:30-3:30pm- Ranya Renee-TBA

3:45-5;45- Jennifer-Shimmies On The Down

8:00pm-10:00pm- Gala Showcase

Sunday 2/25/2017

9-11 Ahmed Hussien-Nubian

11:30-1:30-Alicia Bellycraft-Dark Veil

1:45-3:45- Omaris-Drum Solo Choreography

workshop descriptions

Ahmed Hussien-TBA

Tarifa Salem-TBA

Ranya Renee- TBA


The Elegant Octopus With Lacey Sanchez

Arms can be a dancer's greatest asset and their worst enemy! Join Lacey for an in depth investigation into the power, grace, strength and beauty that can be YOUR arms! No matter your personal style of Bellydance, Lacey will help build confidence and awareness in your upper body carriage for a more elegant performance! Students will be lead through stretches, conditioning techniques, tips and tricks and combinations for the perfect upper body and arm practice! Please bring a yoga mat and towel!


Alicia of  BellyCraft:

Through the Dark Veil

Breathing life into the veil and giving this beautiful silken extension of your dance an artistically ethereal, emotionally enveloping, and embodied presence on stage. Learn fundamental concepts and techniques that will bring fluidity, grace and beauty to your veil work and enhance your artistic expression and vision. Alicia will showcase specific technique, transitions, recoveries and a few closely held “secrets” certain to offer participants a new level of confidence and connection with their veil. Open to all levels. Necessary supplies: silk veil


Omaris! The Dominican Rose


Fun, high-energy, and compelling, the drum solo is a favorite of many dancers!  In this workshop we'll drill a variety of techniques, building upon each section to create a sassy, cute, and fun drum solo choreography.  We'll take advanced techniques and moves and learn how to match them directly to the music so that the dancer becomes the music in motion.  Learn the routine, then add your personal technique and style to the passionate music!